BitEther Coin (BEC)
Cross mined token on Ethereum Classic
The BitEther Token follows the Monetary Supply of Bitcoin
Built on Ethereum Classic as ERC20 token
Cross mining - ETC block miner rewarded with coin
Halving every 3 years, started from 2 BEC per ETC block in Dec 2016
Total 21,000,000 coins, with 8 digits (BEC satoshi's)
Standard ERC20 Ethereum token, supported by most Ethereum software and Wallets
Key Feature
What makes BitEther outstanding from other tokens
The main difference lies in the way how the token is getting distributed. It requires actual work (PoW) to cross-mine a coin, which stands it outside of economics of core coin (ETC). BEC tokens are addictive to the ETC market value, while all other coins are limited by market value of parent coin and can't outgrow it.
How Mining Works
BitEther is a contract on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. To perform cross-mining, a miner is required to include a special transaction («claim») into a block to execute that contract.
When this occurs, the miner of the current block receives the reward, no matter who originally sent that transaction («claim»). The Miner, or anyone else, can send this claim transaction to the network, but in a standard situation there is no guarantee that this transaction will come into the current block. So for most miners, especially small ones, it can become a little expensive to send this claim transaction and spend gas on it, but then have bigger miners receive the reward for that block.